Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts - Ensure Safe Access in Commercial Buildings

Commercial wheelchair lifts are an economical and convenient means of transporting wheelchair users up and down the various floors in commercial buildings. These mobility devices are best suited for use in educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities; auditoriums, churches and historic buildings. They give a great sense of independence to wheelchair bound individuals, providing them safe access to all parts of the building.

The commercial wheelchair lifts are categorized into two types--inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts. Inclined commercial lifts are used in those commercial settings where there is space constraint. These lifts can be used on all kinds of staircases including spiral, straight and curved. Certain models can be folded and stowed away when not in use.

Safety and Functional Features Contribute to a Remarkable User Experience

Commercial wheelchair lifts work using different mechanisms. Certain lifts can be operated electronically while others require hydraulics. Wheelchair lifts that require hydraulics can work even without any power. At present, most of the commercial wheelchair lift models available in the market come with a large platform which can accommodate any type of wheelchair including power wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, child wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs.

Commercial wheelchair lifts are now available with a wide range of safety features and user-friendly controls, which ensure safe access in commercial buildings. Some of the common features of these lifts are-

•    Emergency stop and alarm
•    Automatic sensor stop in case of danger due to objects in path
•    Handrails for better protection
•    Safety brakes
•    Automatic dual access ramps
•    Anti-skid models enhance safety
•    Manual lowering device
•    Battery back-up in case of power shutdown
•    Remote controls
•    Door interlocks

Benefits of Commercial Wheelchair Lifts 

•    Smooth and quiet operation
•    Flexible designs, specifications and features
•    Affordable operating costs
•    Very sturdy and durable
•    Made for tough and regular use
•    Easy to install
•    Customizable to the specific requirements of the users
•    Installation can be done without making any structural modifications
•    Safe and reliable operation
•    Comes with advanced space saving features
•    Flexibility to use in different commercial settings

Purchase a Branded Model to Ensure Quality

Commercial wheelchair lifts are available in several models and specifications; you can buy lifts for both indoor and outdoor use. ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord, Bruno and Garaventa are some of the well-known manufacturers of commercial wheelchair lifts. The commercial wheelchair lifts supplied by the dealers are completely tested and their proper functioning is ensured through scheduled checkups.

While buying commercial wheelchair lifts, be sure to approach only well-known dealers. Such dealers will have experienced professionals for providing installation, repair and maintenance services. To benefit from the best service, settle for dealers with long term experience.

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